Saturday, 11 October 2008

ATC - new beginnings

This atc was made for a friend on the theme of "new beginnings". I saw the baby decoupage and was inspired to develop the theme into "new life." The picture was decoupaged in the middle of the atc, with the words added from alphabet stickers. Unfortunately, when I sent this to New Zealand to my friend, it got lost and never arrive. :^( Pity, cos I think its really cute and I'm sure she would have loved it.

first attempt at tea-bag folding

Tea-bag folding is a fairly new skill for me. This is the first tea-bag atc I made, its not bad but I think my later ones were much neater.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

ATCs & house - combining the two

This is a House atc that I made, one of a series. It's a good way of combining my 2 interests. Hope you like it. It was made by downloading a picture to atc size, printing it, cutting it out and mounting it onto an atc card. Straightforward and simple.

Wilson, another cutie from House

In addition to loving Greg House, I'm also quite keen on Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). He's pretty cute too but House is still my preferred choice. But, at least having 2 cute guys in the same show gives me more to look at!!!!

Monday, 6 October 2008

"Everybody lies"

Probably the most famouse House-ism is "Everybody lies" - it gets said most episodes. But is it true???? I'll leave it to you to decide, I just wanted an excuse to post another piccie of the gorgeous, grumpy yet sexy doc ;^)

ATC - cross of faith

Another one of a series - consisting of cross, cross of faith, cross of hope & cross of love - each with a teabag folded cross in the centre, decorative matching corners and the appropriate word added under the cross. I made this series in 2 different colours and can make them for anyone who would like them, leave a comment to let me know you are interested. Thanks

Thursday, 2 October 2008

ATC - red dragonflies

This atc is one of a series - each with a different coloured background. Dragonfly and flower stickers were placed on a blank atc, then shaded with shades of red using whispers markers. The stickers were then removed, allowing the white card to show through the colouring - a simple, effective atc - at least, I think so anyway ;^)

ATC - bag

A shaped atc - to prove that it is only the size of the atc that is important. All atcs should be 9cm x 6.5cm (and they should only be swapped, never sold) and that's the only rules. This atc was cut to size and then I cut a slight diagonal down each side (obviously, not too much or the size would be wrong) - I then shaped the handle and cut the centre part and folded it down. Decorative papers were added for effect, and the words "my bag" using alphabet stickers. The overall effect was completed with the addition of sticker stars.